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Online notepads are normally used for writing notes, coding or any other form of text that you’d like to jot down. There are plenty of free online notepads available on the web that easily let you do that. However, finding the one with the right toolset can be a godsend.

For me, personally, the real need occurs when I have to quickly write and save something on-the-go. Even though desktop and mobile OS now a days have a built-in notepad that lets you do that, but some of these online note taking websites and apps are really engaging and give you a great user experience. After all at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences.

Depending on your preferences, there are a bunch of options to choose from. Some let you save notes in real time in the cloud, some don’t require any logins – you simply open them and start typing. The one you pick will come down to your preferences at any given time.

Best Free Online Notepads in 2020 

Below are a few online notepads definitely worth a try!

  1. RapidTables
  2. aNotepad
  3. Shrib
  4. JustNotepad
  5. Memo Notepad
  6. iTextPad

1. RapidTables

RapidTables is known for creating handy calculators and widgets. RapidTables Online notepad is no different.

rapidtables online notepad

A powerful team collaboration tool designed to streamline team communication and fill all communication loopholes.

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web (online only)

  • No login required
  • Shortcut keys
  • Save files to computer
  • Responsive design
  • Ability zoom in and out

  • Basic notepad design only
  • Can save files in .txt format only
  • Lacks advanced editing features

RapidTables online notepad is extremely easy to use. If you’re looking for a plain text editor with basic features, it will do the job. Once you’re done writing you can simply print directly from the editor or save the file on the desktop.

Like most online notepads, RapidTables also makes sure you don’t have to experience tiresome onboarding process. During my research, I found this to be the easiest free online notepad. You don’t need any login to access the tool. A single click and everything is right there at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy-to-use user interface
  • Ability to import text from an existing file on your desktop
  • Documentation available on shortcut keys and frequently asked questions
  • Built-in spell check to avoid typos

2. aNotepad

An online notepad that lets you write and save notes without having to log in.

anotepad online notepad

A powerful online notepad built with a premise of providing a simple yet effective solution for saving notes online.

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web (online only)

  • Customized time-zones
  • Password protection
  • Can add comments to notes
  • Save notes to computer
  • Responsive design
  • Ability to create folders
  • Rich-text editor
  • Dark theme available

  • No real-time auto save
  • Cannot create private notes without registering
  • No built-in print option

aNotepad comes with some really handy features especially ‘rich-text editor’ which makes it convenient to format content as you like. You can also easily share notes with your friends and colleagues by simply sharing the unique URL.

One useful feature aNotepad comes with is the ability to create multiple folders for organizing your notes. Plus, you can also sort them by date or title.

Key Features

  • Simple user-interface with flat learning curve
  • Easily create to-do lists
  • Password protection for advanced security
  • Can download files in PDF, Word, ODT and .txt format
  • Dark and warm color theme to suit preferences

3. Shrib

A simple free online notepad which endorses minimalist design and quick input of data.

A light-weight online notepad which comes with a clean and super-fast interface for saving notes

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web (online only)

  • Plain, clutter-free interface
  • Notes sharing feature
  • Font formatting options
  • Password protected notes
  • Notes downloading
  • Auto-save for quick data retrieval

  • Lacks advanced formatting options
  • Limited collaboration features
  • Too many ads

Another simple notepad which ticks all boxes when it comes to finding the most straight forward tool for yourself. Upon launching, you’ll be welcomed by a clean slate where you can kick-start your notes saving journey without any unnecessary lags.

Fast, reliable, and most basic are just some of the words that perfectly sum up Shrib for you.

Key Features

  • Auto-save ability to protect data loss
  • Retrieval of unsaved data within 3 months of data input
  • Fonts changing feature, along with notes sharing
  • Password protection for specific notes to ensure confidentiality
  • Downloading of notes for saving or sharing

4. JustNotepad

A straight-forward online notepad possessing an extremely basic feature set.

JustNotepad comes with an undemanding interface and a toolset perfect for beginners.

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web, Android

  • Quick creation of to-do lists
  • Auto-saving in the form of drafts
  • Temporary links for notes sharing
  • Date and time entry with notes

  • Absence of text editor
  • Inability to download in multiple formats

JustNotepad is a best online notepad for personal use. Evident from the name, it doesn’t over complicate things by flashing a flamboyant feature set in your face. A simple notepad and that’s it! Although, the lack of editing tools might be a deal breaker for some, it’s a relief if you’re looking for nothing more than a basic notepad.

Key Features

  • Notes saving by date and time
  • Instant adding of new notes through “+New” button
  • Creation of temporary link for sharing of notes with friends or colleagues
  • Instant retrieval of old notes through drafts

5. Memo Notepad

A beautifully designed online notepad for the lot who can’t compromise on the overall look.

A notepad which comes with an aesthetically pleasing design, as well as simple functionality.

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web, iOS

  • Beautiful, clean interface
  • Notes saving
  • Notes Sharing through email
  • Search and delete functionality

  • Lack of Android app
  • Lack of auto-save feature

If you’ve always been a pen and paper person, Memo Notepad might cut the deal for you. This free online notepad quite literally gives off paper notepad vibes. Once launching, you’re welcomed with a clean notepad to help you quickly dive in and get things done. Like any standard notepad, Memo Notepad also covers the basics and gives a smooth user-experience.

Key Features

  • Ability to add multiple notes at the same time
  • Notes sharing with multiple people through email
  • Advanced search feature to track the desired result
  • Backup of notes, along with remote access from anywhere
  • Cloud and mobile device sync

6. iText Pad

A feature rich free online notepad which also allows collaboration among team members.

A notepad which lets you take your notes anywhere you go through mobile apps.

Starting from: Free
Login Required: No
Devices: Web, iOS, Android

  • Availability of mobile apps
  • Notes sharing via email
  • Ability to make changes in the shared notes
  • Multiple tabs for different kinds of notes
  • Password protection available

  • Calendar functionality is limited
  • Lacks elaborate text formatting options

iText Pad wins big when it comes to the richness of features. In my opinion, it has everything that fulfills both your personal and professional requirements. You can use the tool as per your convenience or needs. Although this free online notepad lacks extensive team collaboration features, it still does the job pretty satisfactorily.

The password protection feature of iText Pad mitigates the risk of idea leakage. Plus, you get to decide who accesses your notes. In the similar way, an interesting feature associated with calendar is that you need to set a password in order to book an appointment. Only then you’ll be able to share it with your team members. So, full points for privacy!

Key Features

  • Customized labels with notes for easy identification
  • Appointment setting on calendar for team collaboration
  • Ability to set passwords on notes in the form of URLs or locks
  • Quick access and easy download/printing of desired notes
  • Notes recovery through passwords and valid email address

Final Verdict

Online notepads serve the market of notes lovers in a variety of ways. In order to choose the best online notepad, you’ll have to go through the process of trial and error at least once. At the end of the day it all comes down to what you want done.

I hope my review will help you pick the right one. If you have any suggestions that you’d like to be added here, I’m all ears! Comment away!

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