About Us

We know the pain of not being able to find one software that fits all your needs. The reality is there is NO such thing as one-size-fits-all software. With every search, whether it be, a CRM, project management app or a cloud hosting partner, there are hundreds of options available. So which one to choose?

That was the point when we realized we needed to evaluate and tell the real story about products minus the marketing hard sell. Surprisingly, we also found there are plenty of excellent products that do not get the endorsement they deserve (mostly because they are small and haven’t received enough exposure yet). We spend dozens of hours researching each category and review each app for its both the goods and the bads.

So you might ask, what makes us different?

While researching we think from a buyer’s perspective. We try to consider all necessary factors and information needed to make a buying decision.

So what makes us happy?

Knowing you are choosing the right toolset for your business. We are all about helping you find the right product or service for your business.

Have any questions? Have a tool or app we haven’t covered yet? Contact us at [email protected]